A Game of Horomones, OkCupid Experiments…

A Game of Horomones, OkCupid Experiments…

OkTrends-2-1024x625I’ve said it before, the OkTrends blog is a fucking goldmine of information… When they post shit. Their last post was more than a couple of years ago. Naturally the lack of updates is kinda shitty. But who cares, right? It’s OkCupid!

On July 28th OkCupid posted a new article regardingan experiment that they’d been running over there. The article is an informative read, even if it comes off…

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7 Tips on How to Give Your Partner Great Phone Sex

7 Tips on How to Give Your Partner Great Phone Sex

phone-sexHow to Make This a Conversation That Will Never Be Forgotten!

Phone sex can seem like a scary step into the unknown, but it really is a way to take your sex life to the next level.

An important part of a relationship is trying new things out with your partner. Phone sex can be a great way to make your relationship that little bit more exciting, and if you bear these tips in mind, it can be a…

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10 Ways to Spot a Commitment-phobic Man

ad0b10_5059364You have been seeing/dating this man for a while and there is just something about him that you feel uneasy about…You actually find yourself wanting something more out of your relationship – perhaps it’s an official relationship status, a proposal, a marriage or just wanting a bit more commitment from him on his end.

“Is he a commitment phobe?” If this is a question that you have on your mind for…

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10 Reasons Your Online Dating Profile is Failing You

10 Reasons Your Online Dating Profile is Failing You

You’re pumped. Your profile is complete!

You pluck your top five selfies from your phone(even though they’re all in the same bathroom mirror, but whatever, at least that ab pic is in there.) Check. You let the ladies know, in your two-sentence profile, you already have “plenty of options” and you’re just doing this “online thing” for fun (since you were told to be cocky in your profile by that…

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A Visual Guide to Modern Romance

Get a new dating dictionary: A Visual Guide to Modern Romance by @donna_says

Donna Choi on the Urban DaterSo you’re young, single, and ready to get down in the big city. Whether you are meeting people online or at the pumpkin patch, you have probably found yourself in a number of situations that your mother would find quite alarming.

This is a handy visual guide to help you navigate the strange, occasionally sweaty terrain that is your love life. While these are certainly not scientific terms, they…

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Women are from Venus and Men are from WTF

Women are from Venus and Men are from WTF by @NicolaJaneWrite


I’ll set the stage: 

MAN is in marketing. WOMAN is starting out as a writer. They have met once. WOMAN mentions that her manuscript has been requested by an agent. Man asks to read it. WOMAN says she isn’t looking for any input. Man assures her he wouldn’t do that.

WOMAN doesn’t give him it anyway; it’s erotica and he’s only going to use it as wank fodder. They both know that.

MAN: (in lashings…

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Ten Celebrities Who Love Their Sex Toys

Ten Celebrities Who Love Their Sex Toys by @Dene_Perspectiv


We see them when they’re sleeping and know when they’re awake. We know if they’ve been bad or good, so…what toys do they play with? Find out some celebrities that are proud to share their vibrator choices.

1. Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Talk about a power couple. It is no surprise they demand nothing but the best in the bedroom. Christmastime was full of surprises for this duo, who visited an adult store…

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Do Women Care About Nice Cars?

Do Women Care About Nice Cars? by @anastasiadate

dating, cars, dating tips for men, will a car get me a new date, should i buy a new car, will a car help me date, will a car help me get a girlfriend, will a car help me attract women, do women care about cars,

Movies and pop culture have instilled the notion that women are the only ones who are antsy before big dates, but a new survey conducted on behalf of AnastasiaDate by Harris Poll found that it’s actually both sexes that experience nervousness when courting the opposite sex – and with men, the type of car they drive can be a big source of first date butterflies.

The results of the survey– which…

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5 Subtle Signs Your Date is Into You

5 Subtle Signs Your Date is Into You by the savvy @joshuapompey

Women are often stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to dating.  If they aren’t interested in a guy that they meet online,
and don’t act interested, the guy accuses the woman of being a *insert your favorite expletive here*.  On the other hand, if a woman acts extremely nice, even when she isn’t interested in a second date, a man will often misinterpret these actions towards…

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The Art of Sext

The Art of Sext

SextingBeing a pervert is something that many folks I know chalk up to being delightfully tacky, like Hooters. It’s either that, or we think a pervert is someone who watches way too much porn and probably whacks off way too much. At least this is what has been relayed to me in not so many words in recent weeks.

There’s good and bad with all things and being a pervert is no exception. However, I would…

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